Antagonizing People For Pleasure & Profit

Maybe I’ve lost my sense of humor, but I really found nothing funny in Elan Gale’s attack on the woman on his flight, and his subsequent casting himself as the hero of the story. 

Perhaps it’s because he’s the producer of one of the most exploitative, soul crushing shows on TV right now, The Bachelor/Bachelorette series, so finding Mr. Gale a noble character is a little difficult for me. 

It’s possible the entire damn story annoys me because as someone with a travel show I fly A LOT, and my god, it can freaking suck. The lines, the stress, the $5 bottles of water, the waiting. Maybe I’m just a little too aware that if I forgot my oh-so necessary combination of neck pillow, favorite sleep mask, pink ear plugs, and half a Xanax I might lose my shit like Diana in 7A as well. 

It could be because I think that antagonizing people is kinda shitty and unnecessary, and that based on the flight attendant’s refusal to deliver a note to Diana in 7A, the flight crew were a little annoyed with Elan Gale as well? 

I’m not siding with this “Diana” person in 7A because she sounds awful, but I guess I’m siding against a grown man retaliating by telling a woman to eat his dick. Is that really the most ingenious and cunning way to respond? Or am I expecting too much from someone who spends his life working on the societal downfall that is The Bachelor franchise? Am I the only person who quietly cheered a little when Diane slapped this shithead in the face after the flight?

When it comes down to it, I really don’t understand why the hell this Elan Gale character is receiving so much fanfare for his childish, rude, obnoxious behavior, and why we’re letting him cast himself as the hero in his own story. How on earth it wouldn’t have been more heroic for him to have been extra polite to the overworked flight attendants, and simply read a book or pop a Xanax like a normal passenger? 

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    Yeah dude. Telling a woman to “Eat my dick” over and over makes him verbally abusive and sexually predatory. Another...
  5. kelsyabbott said: You didn’t lose your sense of humor. That dude sucks. Also, i’m with the others who think he made the whole thing up.
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    I couldn’t have summed it up better.
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    I think the whole thing is a hoax (and a lame one at that), but in the off chance it were real, I would totally agree...
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    These are my thoughts exactly.
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    Thank you.